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Microphone Test

Use this online mic test to check if your microphone is properly set up.

Get Easily Started With Your Test!

  • If this is the first time you're here your browser will ask you if you allow this site access to your microphone. Select Allow.

    * On a PC this question should be near the address bar at the top of your screen.

    * On mobile scroll all the way up to see it appear.
  • You should then see a line moving in the test area - beneath the words Test Results - whenever your mic "hears" a sound.

Test Results:

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

All our tests run on the "client side" - which means that we do not and can not record your voice or any other information.

Trouble-Shooting Guide

  • ​If the line is moving when you talk into the mic, then the result of the test is that your microphone is working and properly configured!
  • If you don't see a line after allowing access to the mic, try these steps:

    Step 1. In some cases you will not see a line before making a relatively loud sound into the microphone. Try that and see if the line appears.

    Step 2. Reload the page and try again. In many cases that solves it.

    Step 3. If nothing helped please check if your microphone is connected.
  • If you do see a line but the line isn't moving, then your mic is either broken or (much more likely) it's not properly setup.

    Try these steps to solve the problem:

    Step 1.
    If your're using Safari as your web browser you'll need to try a different browser or a different test.

    Step 2. Check that your microphone is connected to the correct (normally pink) socket in your computer. If it's a mic with a USB connector just make sure it is properly connected to the USB socket (you will not use the pink microphone in this case).

    Step 3. Check that your microphone is not muted - sometimes the mic has a mute button on it or on the wire that is connected to it.

    Step 4. Check that the volume on the microphone is not turned all the way down.