Windows XP Microphone Settings

Here’s how to set the microphone settings in Windows XP:

Step 1: Click on Control Panel in the Windows start menu.

Control panel in the start menu

Step 2: Click on “Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices”.

Clicking on Sounds, speech and audio devices

Step 3: Click on Sounds and Audio Devices.

The Sounds and audio devices icon

Step 4: Click on the ‘Audio’ tab.

The audio tab on Windows XP

Step 5: Under Sound recording click on ‘Volume’.

Audio tab in sounds and audio devices

Step 6: Make sure that under ‘Microphone’ ’the checkbox ‘Select’ is checked. (What to do if you don’t see the word ‘Microphone’ in this window).

The Volume button under Sound Recording

Step 7: In the same screen, check that the microphone volume is turned up (doesn’t have to be all the way, though it wouldn’t hurt).

Making sure Select is checked in the microphone's settings

Step 8: And to finish: check if your microphone is working using our microphone test or the Windows sound recorder.)

Step 9: If your mic still isn’t working, do not despair, click here for more things you can check

What to do If you don’t see the word ‘Microphone’ in the Volume menu:

Step 1: Click on Options and from the menu that drops down choose Properties.

Turning up the mic volume

Step 2: Make sure that the ‘Recording’ option is the one that’s marked.

The Properties item in the Options menu

Step 3: Check (mark) ‘Microphone’.

Making sure that Recording is marked

Step 4: Click OK and then you will be brought back to the Volume options, where the Microphone options will now be visible.

Step 5: Take me back to the step I was in.

What to do if your problem still isn’t solved:

Step 1: Go back to the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’ window, and to the ‘Audio’ tab in that window. (Repeat steps 1 to 4 in the first explanation to get there).

Step 2: Under the words ‘Default device:’ choose a different option from the menu that drops down (your options will likely be different from the screenshot here).

Checking that Microphone is marked

Step 3: Click ‘Apply’

Step 4: Check your microphone again using our microphone test or the Windows sound recorder.’

Step 5: If the microphone still isn’t working, repeat this explanation until all the different ‘Default device’ options are exhausted.

What to do if your problem STILL isn’t solved!!