Controller Tester


Test your controller, it's fun!

  • 1
    Make sure your controller is connected to the computer, mobile or tablet. Either by cord or by bluetooth.
  • 2
    Click every button on the controller and watch to see that button light up in the illustration.
  • 3
    Move the analog sticks in all directions too, and look at the illustration while you move the sticks a lot or a little to see that the movement is displayed correctly.
  • Bonus
    Click the 'Test Vibration' button to check that the vibration is working too.

If all the buttons (all the ones that you have on your actual controller) light up, and the analog sticks look good too - your controller is working and ready to game!

The Test:

Connect your gamepad and press its buttons to begin...

Trouble-Shooting Guide

  • If a specific button or buttons are not lighting up on the illustration then that probably means that the controller is faulty and needs to be fixed or replaced :(
  • If you keep seeing the words "Connect your gamepad and press buttons to begin..." then that means that your browser is not recognizing the controller. Make sure that the controller is physically connected, and that your operating system or mobile/tablet are recognizing it too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which controllers would this work with?

    Any controller you could connect to your computer can be checked with this test. Don't be fooled by the visual style of the controller illustration - a switch joy con or third-party controllers would work just as well.

    Why does the test have two different styles that I can choose?

    The two most common controllers or gamepads are the Playstation style and the Xbox style (which is also very similar in shape and layout to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller). The tool will try to recognize which one of these you are using, and show you the appropriate style.

    We included the dropdown to change styles in case you have a different controller which isn't an official Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo one. In that case you could choose which controller type most resembles your own.

    Why wouldn't I just play a game and check it that way?

    Gamer, you're the one who came to this page, don't be a smart-ass!

    Really though, finding a game that will use all the buttons on your controllers, plus the analog sticks and the vibration - might be a bit tricky.

    Any minimum requirements?

    This test should work on all modern browsers.

    There's a very important feature that your test is missing!

    Oh no... Let us know immediately right here.

    Excuse me, I don't play every game with a controller!

    Check out our keyboard test and mouse test for all your WASD needs.

    What are your 4 favorite games?

    In no particular order, I would say:

    1. Portal 2
    2. Celeste
    3. Zelda: BOTW
    4. Outer Wilds