Online Dictaphone


What is this tool?

  • A dictaphone is a compact tape recorder that professionals and creatives used - especially in the final decades of the 20th century - to record voice notes for themselves.
  • With the rise of smartphones - that can easily record voice memos and are already in our pocket at all times - it’s become very rare to spot a dictaphone in the wild. We still felt nostalgic for that cute little tape recorder, though, so we created a nice online version of it for you to use.
  • This online dictaphone can do things that your old physical one couldn’t, like transcribing your words into text.

    To start using this tool, just click the “REC” button and your voice will start being recorded and your words be shown on screen. Then click on the square stop button to finish your recording.

    If it looks like your microphone is not picking up sound, (eg. you are not seeing any sound waves and your dictated words are not appearing on the screen), you can test it here.

    What could I use this dictaphone for? Here are a few ideas:

    Interview Recording

    With this online dictaphone you can record interviews and get both the audio file and the text transcription at the end, saving time and reducing the hassle of having to transcribe everything afterwards.

    University Lectures

    Depending on your learning style, or if you are dyslexic or have ADHD, you might find it easier to organize your thoughts by using a dictaphone rather than writing everything down. You could use our dictaphone’s speech to text function during talks or lectures at college, this is much easier than taking notes and means you can concentrate fully on what your professor is saying rather than worrying about spelling and writing it all down.

    Voice or Text Notes for Yourself

    Find yourself losing your to-do lists? Put a shortcut to our online dictaphone page on your mobile phone's home page or computer’s desktop so you can access it in one click whenever you have an idea worth noting down - and record it to remember later. This will be much easier to keep safe than a post-it note!

    Record Commentary

    Record your thoughts on an event that you're watching from your home or live while they occur to you. You can start the recording at the same moment that the event starts so you can easily edit your voice on top of the video stream, then layer the audio file on top of your video to create a voiceover track for your video.

    Practicing Pronunciation in a New Language

    One of the hardest parts of learning a new language is getting the pronunciation right. Our dictaphone supports 14 languages/accents, if your target language is included why not try using the dictaphone to test your pronunciation! Simply select your language from the dropdown, press record and see if the tool recognizes your words.

    Record Minutes of Meetings

    Use this tool to record the minutes of your meeting and take the stress out of note taking. The handy speech to text function included with our dictaphone means that no one needs worry about being the note taker and everyone can be fully present and engaged.

    More Ideas:

    • Practice your diction and voice-projection before a presentation or performance. Work on reducing your use of filler words like 'like' and 'uh'.
    • Chat with a grandparent about their memories and create an audio memoir for your family.
    • Record yourself reading a bedtime story and create an audiobook for your child to listen to when you are away.
    • Record initial sensory impressions and distinctive sounds when travelling or exploring a new place, and edit them together to create a unique soundscape, almost like a audio postcard or time capsule of your adventures.