Online Mirror


Allow access at the top of the page, and then you should see the mirror on your screen!

  • Preparing for an important date?
  • Wondering if you have something in your teeth?
  • Big job interview coming up?
  • Do you need to fix your makeup?
  • Now you can use a mirror online!

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Our mirror uses the camera on your phone or computer to show your reflection, but everything that happens - happens locally, in your phone or computer.

That means that we do not and can not record you or see you in any way.


  • The camera on your phone or computer must be working for this mirror to work.
  • Make sure you confirmed the 'allow access' message at the top of your screen.

How Does This Work?

The online mirror simply displays the feed coming from your phone's camera (if you're on a phone) or your computer's webcam (if you're on a computer).

It is not truly a mirror in the optical sense because your image is first converted to data and only then is projected back to you - unlike in a regular mirror where the light is simply reflected back at you. But it is programmed to behave just like a regular mirror would.

How does the mirror differ from this site’s webcam test?

These two pages do almost exactly the same thing: both of them simply display the feed from your webcam or phone camera.

This page, however, flips the image coming from your camera horizontally, so that your onscreen reflection will follow you, rather than move to the opposite side - just like it would do in a regular mirror. That’s the only difference.

Who needs a mirror online!?

That is a common question that I get from people. Some people do need this, obviously, because the page has visitors!

I find this free mirror useful for when my mobile phone is not around and I want to take a look at myself. Some people carry a makeup mirror in their purse, but this allows them to see themselves in a bigger and more convenient image.

And yes, if you have your phone around you can just use the camera! But I think this is the more enjoyable way ;)

Why does the online mirror look bad and fuzzy in a low light setting?

I would argue that a regular mirror is also pretty hard to look at in low-light, but yeah, even if it would be hard to see yourself in the mirror in low light, the image would still look “sharp”.

Remember, though, this is not a regular mirror: it works through the camera. And if you know a bit about cameras then you know that they have a hard time taking pictures in a low light setting.

They don’t know what to focus on, and there is a lot of “noise” (little ugly pixels) generated in the image because the camera’s sensor needs more light. So that’s exactly what happens here. A little more light around you should fix this.