Touch Screen Test


How to test your touch screen

  • Click on the 'Start Test' button.
  • Slide your finger, starting from the top left, on all the squares that will appear on the screen.
  • If a certain square on the screen does not light up even after trying it again, the touchscreen didn't pass the test. Click the screenshot button in the middle.
  • If all of the squares light up, your touch screen passed the test. Start now!
1. Slide your finger over every square on the screen. 2. If a square turns orange, it has passed the test. If a square remains blue, even after you have touched it multiple times, it has a problem. 3. After touching all the squares press the camera button to take a screenshot of your results. 4. Touch anywhere to start. Good luck!
Success! Your touchscreen test was successful.

More About This Page:

What's the purpose of it?

We made the touch screen test to make every touch screen testable easily through the browser, be it on your Android phone or iPhone, on an iPad or on a Chromebook. Phones usually have an app for it, but not all devices do.

Schools and other institutions that give out devices will find this especially useful to check touchscreens quickly. But it could also be useful for you to check your own private device.

What do I do if my touch screen doesn't pass the test?

Take a screenshot of the test after completing it to the best of your screen's abilities. The problem area will remain in blue. If the device is yours, show the screenshot to a technician. If the device belongs to your institution or school - follow your institution's procedure to show it to the person in charge of device maintenance.