About Us

Hey, my name is Ilan and I created Online Mic Test.

In the evening before I started this website Skype wasn’t recognizing my voice, and I wanted to check if the problem is with Skype settings or the general microphone settings.

Usually (on Windows) people just use the sound recorder for that purpose, but I couldn’t find that piece of software on my crappy old laptop for some reason, So I searched for an online solution, and was very surprised to find that there wasn’t one.

It seemed so trivial to me that this kind of thing should exist, that I decided to build it myself. 2 days later, I had the world’s ugliest website, that contained a wave that moves when you speak into your computer microphone.

Months passed, I added more and more things to the website (a webcam test, a sound test, guides to changing microphone settings) and changed its ugly look. Google started to like my website and send people my way.

The site grew and grew, and now 1000s of people use its different services every day!

Thank you for visiting.

If you’d like to contact me, please use the form below. Anything you want to say I’d love to hear.