Unity Web Player. Install now!


Step 1: After the game loads, calibrate your microphone by clicking on "Calibrate".

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the game and click 'Start' when the calibration is done.

Step 3: Choose a level by clicking on its number (at first only level number 1 will be choosable).

Step 4: When the level starts move the ship with the arrow keys and control its speed with your voice.

Step 5: Beat the high scores!

Game Tips:


Step 1: Download the Unity web player if you see the icon that tells you to.

Step 2: If you're using Chrome an update that Google recently did probably caused this game not to work on your browser. Here's what you need to do to enable it:.

Step 3: Copy and paste this into the address line (you have to copy and paste it, it can't be clicked): chrome://flags/#enable-npapi Then press Enter.

Step 4: Click the "Enable" link under the "Enable NPAPI" and "Native Client" titles.

Step 5: Restart Google Chrome. The game should work now.

Step 6: Confirm any prompts that pop-up - this can be under the address line in the top of your browser window, or this can be a small icon (with an "X" on it, in the Chrome browser) just to the right of the address.